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  • Beneath The Clouds

    Beneath The Clouds
    . Cover: The First Lightning Flashes . Two: The Mansion . Three: The Patient . Four: Enter The Exorcists . Five: The Spirit Is Strong . Six: All Of You Are Awakened . Seven: Wandering Spirits of the Dead . Eight: Many People Enter Monasteries . Nine: The Spirit Passes . Ten: Gasp! . Eleven: Your Daughter . Twelve: Mercy! . Thirteen: Forgive This Unhappy Spirit . Fourteen: A Heavy Load of Sin . Fifteen: The Exorcism . Seventeen: She Will Be Quite Well . Seventeen: Fainting Fit . Eighteen: I Thought For A Moment . Nineteen: A Thousand Armed Men . Twenty: Other Prospects . Twenty One: No Path in the World . Twenty Two: At Least Not Yet . Twenty Three: Honoured Monk . Twenty Four: The Only One . Bonus Pinup!

    Thunder Sings

    Cover: Thunder Sings
    . One: Wise And Holy Monk . Two: Ten Times As Much . Three: I Have Changed . Four: Hazards Of The Road . Five: Ladies In The Capital . Six: Gifts For The Journey . Seven: The Tales Of Lady Murasaki . Eight: Through Wild Country . Nine: A Duty To My Father . Ten: The Tokaido Road . Eleven: Rashomon Within The Month . Twelve: Well Travelled . Thirteen: The Emperor\'s Representative . Fourteen: My Granddaughter\'s Life . Fifteen: The Hour Of The Dragon . Sixteen: Farewells . Seventeen: Fording The River . Eighteen: The Seal Of The Emperor . Nineteen: The Mountain Road . Twenty: A Bad Omen . Twenty One: Crows . Twenty Two: The Massacre . Bonus Pinup!

    Hawks Become Doves

    Cover: Hawks Become Doves
    . One: They Had No Chance . Two: Only Commoners . Three: Done My Duty . Four: Safely In The Capital . Five: Bandit Attack . Six: Swordfight . Seven: Don\'t Let Them See You . Eight: We Have No Valuables . Nine: The Emperor\'s Protection . Ten: A Long Way . Eleven: Someone In The Wagon . Twelve: Hiding Treasure . Thirteen: Bad Karma . Fourteen: Start Slow . Fifteen: More Bandits . Sixteen: Ransom Or Worse . Seventeen: One Sword . Eighteen: Tachi Pose . Bonus Pinup!

    Deer Break Antlers

    Cover: Deer Break Antlers
    . One: Not Bandits . Two: Hitachi Province . Three: My Daughter\'s Honour . Four: Spiritual Guidance . Five: All The Help We Can Get . Six: Planting Their Crops . Seven: Can You Ride? . Eight: Write Her A Love Poem . Nine: Take Last Watch . Ten: Provincial Barbarians . Eleven: Racked By War . Twelve: Mysterious And Romantic . Thirteen: Clan Secrets . Fourteen: Fighting The Emishi . Fifteen: Early In The Morning . Sixteen: Clang! . Happy 2018! . Seventeen: Books of Poetry . Eighteen: Good Families . Nineteen: Nothing To Lose . Twenty: You Were Lucky . Bonus Pinup!

    Paulownia Blooms

    Cover: Paulownia Blooms
    . One: The Dream Palace . Two: The Dragon Screen . Three: The Emperor\'s Chamber . Four: The Broken Mirror . Five: I Was Worried . Six: The Camp is Unguarded . Seven: Sharp Wits . Eight: Written In Chinese . Nine: Illegal and Dangerous